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Booking and Check-in/out Procedures and Terms and Conditions

Booking and Check-in/out Procedures and Terms and Conditions
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To rent a short term property


1- In order to book an apartment, you will need to advance 10%of the total rental amount, unless otherwise stated,  as a reservation deposit.


2 - The apartment will be considered booked and out the 'Market' only when the Guest's wired money  will be at our bank or a payment has been made by Paypal.

It is the Guests responsibility to provide to us the evidence with details of the money wiring of his 'Sending bank' to the 'Receiving bank' .


3 - The reservation deposit  is not refundable in case of cancellation by the renter.


4 - The remaining balance will be paid in full at the time of check-in or in the case of long term rentals, on a monthly basis


5 - There are no extra charges for gas, electricity, etc or cleaning, unless otherwise stated. Please note that our medium to longer term rentals frequently have additional costs for  utlities and an agency fee. 


6 - The price is all inclusive, unless otherwise stated.  Please note that our medium to longer term rentals frequently have additional costs for  utlities and agency fee. 


7 - Linen and towels are provided at no extra charge for our short term rentals. (Some of our long term apartment might be rented unfurnished).


8 - You will be met at the apartment by the owner or a representative of the owner at a time specified by you and agreed upon by the owner.


9 - Please mind that you have to specify the Check-in time at last 48 Hours before the date of arrival and in case of delays of the agreed upon arrival time to contact the owner or the representative of the owner.


10 - The Check-in and Check-out done:


between  9 p.m. and 12 p.m.  it will be added an extra fee of  € 25;

between  1 a.m. and   7 a.m.  it will be added an extra fee of   € 50;


11 - At the time of check-in you will be given a set of keys.


12 - At the time of check-in of our short term rentals apartments, you will be asked to pay a deposit of € 200 unless otherwise stated on individual properties, at check-in against damages made during your stay.


13 - This will be refunded at the time of check out  given that  everything in the property is OK  and no damages were made.


14 - The apartments are cleaned between guests only.


15 - During your stay, you will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the apartment.


16 - The arrival time is usually not before 16:00 and check-out time no later than 11:00 but this can be discussed with the owner.


17 - If you need to make changes or to store your luggage, you should discuss this directly with the owner.


Roman Rentals only acts as an intermediary between owners and the clients and therefore this website acts only as such, our duty is to match availability by the owner of their apartment with clients' booking requests and to reserve the apartment, once the booking is completed, the 2 parties conducting business are owners and renters.  In case of utility or other failings,  an agreement to restitution has to be made between the 2 parties, owner and tenant, conducting the business. Our  office is in the centre of Rome and we will do our utmost to assists clients' needs after check-in however our ability is limited by owners' permissions to act on their behalf and by our business hours.

DISCAIMER:We will not be held responsible for: a) Negligence or omission or misbehaviour in the services by third parties, ie owners of the properties, tenants, drivers, etc...

b) In the case of an 'act of God', ie weather or any other unpredictable event such as internal or external failings of utilities or plumbing... 

c) Theft from the apartments.